COVID-19 Response & Online Classes

This is a difficult and uncertain time, and our first concern is for you and your families. We hope you are all safe and taking precautions to stay that way. At STBDA we hope that during this difficult time we can provide a “happy place” for kids to have fun and interact with others, albeit online.

Now Offering Virtual Classes!

Beginning Monday 3/23 STBDA will be offering over 20 Virtual Classes each week! Dancers can take as many classes as they would like to supplement their recital prep and our Vimeo page during this time at home. We realize kids are not moving as much with being kept at home and we want to do our part to help with that by offering classes, stretching and conditioning class, surprise BONUS classes which will be shared on Social Media.

Our Youngest dancers can participate in classes similar to what they have each week at the studio as well as “Story Time with Miss Sam” twice a week. Parents, the story time half hour is to help give you a little time at home to catch your breath, all kids are welcome to join in. I have a wide selection of stories and will read them over the coming few weeks live from my house to yours 🙂

BONUS Classes Are Shared on Social Media. Don’t forget to follow US!

Elementary School Dancers

We have a full selection of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and Hip Hop classes.

Middle and High school Dancers

We have a full selection of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and Hip Hop classes as well, these classes are shown in Blue on the attached schedule.

“All Age classes”

These include our Boys breaking and Conditioning classes, these are shown in Green on the attached schedule.

Online Class Schedule


What happened once we closed?

Once we closed our doors, the faculty and staff took a day to organize and plan for the next few weeks.  We created backup plans, backup plans and more backup plans.  We are choosing to look at this time off as an opportunity to be creative and come up with some cool new ways to keep dance classes going for the kids.  We also had the studio deep cleaned and disinfected and we are shut for a few weeks for our classes, the Fit Squad classes and our adult Yoga Series on Sundays until further notice.  We also cleaned, disinfected and put away all props for the remainder of the season.  We will bring them back once we feel it is safe to reintroduce them to classes in the summer or fall.

What to expect during this shutdown?

We will be offering classes and activities for our dancers on a variety of platforms.  The faculty and staff has collectively come together and created some wonderful options for this interim period.  You can expect weekly updates from me with closure updates and any new announcements and decisions that would impact the remainder of the year.  Please check email and our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) for updates.  We are working on a page of our website dedicated to these updates but since we are trying to keep classes secure for our dancers we will only be sending login information to email addresses on file.  Please take a moment and log into your parent portal and confirm your email address and if you feel comfortable adding an email address for your dancer you may do that as well.  

Vimeo Class Information

We have created an STBDA Library of over 40 videos for our dancers to view and learn from.  We have class specific videos of recital choreography, combinations, warmups, across the floor work, technique tips and more!!  I am so proud of how our staff has come together to create this for our dancers, every level of student has videos they can view and use. To access our Vimeo account please refer to the email you received or contact us for access.

Live Virtual Classes

Starting later this week we will send out a schedule of LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES FOR ALL AGES!  We will run several options each day as well as “Story Time Dance Class with Miss Sam” for our younger dancers.  We encourage all dancers to log in and view our classes.  Take as many classes as you would like 🙂  We are using ZOOM as the platform for these classes as it gives us control over privacy settings which is so important when working with children.  You can create a FREE zoom account to take class and we are running a few test classes in the coming days to “work all the kinks out”.  This is a new platform for us at STBDA so please be patient as we figure it all out.  It honestly looks like it will be a lot of fun, I am going to “cast” the feed to my TV and will be able to view all my dancers at once, it will be the closest thing to a real life studio class that we can get right now.  We are so lucky that this is happening in a time when we can have these amazing resources to stay connected and keep people safe and healthy at the same time 🙂  We will be sending out detailed Zoom instructions later this week but it is a pretty easy platform to navigate once you get the hang of it.

CLI Classes

STBDA is a Studio Partner with CLI Studios.  CLI is an online video library of classes from master teachers all over the world.  I will be giving out access to the entire studio during this time and invite students to log in and take class.  This is a great chance to try a new style in the privacy of your home.  It is such a great resource!  You will need to add a credit card to the account but you are not charged anything (this is a security precaution since it involves kids and dance, which is a physical activity).  All the music is appropriate and a ton of fun!  I would say this resource is best for kids ages 9 and up, our middle school and high school dancers will especially benefit from this.  I will send out “assignment videos” to Jr and Sr Dance Company next week as well.  

CLI Studio access Link

Private Lessons

We have had lots of requests for virtual private lessons during the time away from the studio.  We are all set up for virtual lessons in all styles, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary and Hip Hop.  If you would like to schedule a private lesson with your dancers favorite STBDA teacher, please email us at and we will arrange it.  We are lowering the cost of private lessons during this time as well.  30 and 45 minute private lessons are available via Zoom at the cost of $30 and $40 each.  If you would like a 3 pack we are offering that for $80 and $105.  Please let me know if you would like to set this up, I know kids are looking for things to o and our staff is as well.  It’s a win/win 🙂

Makeup Classes

As this is a developing situation we will evaluate plans as needed for makeup classes.  This could include Sunday classes, April Vacation class and more.  We are going to play this by ear for now but will update you of any changes in our weekly emails.

April Break

April Break is up in the air right now, many states, cities and even studios have shifted their scheduled breaks to the next few weeks to offset the time away for kids.  I will continue to evaluate and keep abreast of this ongoing situation and will make a decision on the break in the coming weeks.  My weekly emails will address this when needed.


First things first, the recital WILL happen.  I have secured 2 backup dates if our May date does not work.  I am working on plans to limit capacity if needed as well.  Again, I will update as needed in weekly emails but please tell dancers that we will get them on stage in some capacity this year.  We are very fortunate to have a great venue in the museum, they are so helpful and are taking great care to clean their venue daily.  They are going above and beyond.  Since our venue is not mandated by a school district we have some flexibility that other studios do not at this time as well.  The show must go on and this year it certainly will 🙂

Summer and Fall Registrations

We are opening up our summer and fall dance registrations as planned next week.  During this time of uncertainty we are encouraging dancers to register for classes early as always to 1, have something to look forward too and 2, give our faculty and staff a much need sense of security.  As a small business a forced shutdown is very tough, we are going to be ok for the time being, but we want to have something to prepare for in the summer and fall just like you 🙂  If you are not sure of your schedule yet, we are also offering gift certificates to be applied to summer and fall classes.  If you would like to purchase a gift card we can assist you with that anytime.  A $200 gift card is the amount of a Fall class deposit and you can select your class later if afterschool schedules are not finalized yet, we are going to be flexible during this time.  We are all in this together 🙂 

Contests and At Home Activities

We will be doing some fun contests for our dancers, one is posted in our Vimeo page now.  Send in some videos for us to watch and we will feature them on our page (unless you opt of out that, which is fine too) and I am going to make a compilation video of our submissions for this years slideshow at the recital as well.  This is a great way to get our dancers moving and focused on something fun 🙂

Should the dancers be practicing at home?

Yes.  Dancers should be practicing their recital choreography everyday as well as using our videos to learn at home.  It is important to use this time and stay active.  We are doing all we can to encourage this for our dancers and if they have questions about choreography or steps, contact me and we can work it out.

Thank you all for your patience with us during this time.  We are learning new technology and ways to share dance with the kids and we are so grateful to you all for your help in making this possible.  Thank you all for supporting the dancers and the studio during this uncertain time and we are looking forward to getting back into the studio as soon as we can.  Until then, we will see you online 🙂