3:15-4:10pm Lyrical/Contemporary B grades 6-9

4:15-5:10pm Ballet B grades 6-8

5:15-6:10pm Tap A grades 3-5

6:15-7:10pm Modern C grades 8-12

7:15-8:40pm Ballet D grades 9-12



3:00-3:40pm Private Lessons

3:45-4:40pm Hip Hop A grades 2-4

4:45-5:25pm Musical Theater Jazz B grades 6-10

5:30-6:10pm Improv and Choreography Performance Group

6:15-8:15pm Senior Company*

8:15-9:00pm Private Lessons


1:00-1:55pm Pre-Ballet/Tap A grades K-1

2:00-2:55pm Jazz A grades 2-4

3:00-3:55pm Pre-Ballet/Tap B grades 1-2

4:00-4:40pm Introduction to Dance A Ages 3-4

4:45-6:10pm Ballet C grades 8-10

6:15-6:55pm Mini Competition Team grades 3-5*

7:00-8:45pm Junior Dance Company grades 6-9*



3:15-4:10pm Modern B grades 5-8

4:15-5:10pm Hip Hop C grades 8-12

5:15-6:10pm Hip Hop B grades 5-8

6:15-7:10pm Lyrical C grades 9-12

7:15-9:15pm Senior Company*


1:00-1:45 My 1st Dance Class ages 2-3 

2:10-3:05 Intro to Dance B ages 4-5

3:10-3:40pm Tap Jam grades 7-12*

3:45-4:40pm Ballet A grades 3-5

4:45-5:40pm Kids Dance Company grades 3-5*

5:45-6:25pm Breaking Crew – All Age crew

6:30-8:00 Competition Team*


9:00-9:55am Pre-Ballet Tap A grades K-1

10:00-10:55am Jazz B Grades 5-8

11:00-11:55am Tap B grades 6-8

12:00-12:55pm Horton Modern Technique grades 7-12

1:00-1:55pm Tap C grades 9-12

2:00-2:55pm Jazz Funk B grades 9-12

3:00-3:55pm Contemporary Grades 9-12

4:00-4:45pm Competition Team Additional Rehearsals


* Kids Dance Company must be taken with Jazz, Lyrical or Modern dance AND an additional class of dancers choice.
*Youth, Junior and Senior Dance Companies must be taken with Ballet AND an additional class of dancers choice.
**Pre-Pointe, Pointe 1 and Pointe 2 Must be taken in conjunction with Ballet
***Must be taken with other classes