Summer Programs

Our “Fun in the Studio” Summer Theme Weeks are exactly that… Fun!  We offer, dance, crafts, games and more in our week long programs for ages 6-10.  Every week is themed to a different subject, style or idea and they are all so much fun!  Monday- Friday 9:00am-1:00pm

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Hollywood Week:  A tribute to Hollywood, this week focuses on the magic of the movies.  Dancers will learn how movies are made, how dancers contribute to the movie making process and they will do some awesome Hollywood movie art project as well!  This is the perfect week for dancers who love movies and love to think big.  July 12-16th 2021

Broadway Week:  A week celebrating all things Broadway!  We will learn about different musicals and learn dances from the actual musicals.  Crafts will focus on Broadway shows and this week will culminate in an informal Broadway show in our studio.  This is a great week for kids who love to put on a show! July 19th-23rd 2021

Music Video Week:  Directing, filming and starring in your very own music video!  What a fun summer activity this week is, dancers will have a chance to learn about what goes into a production and how to create our very own video!  Crafts for this week will focus on props and scenery for our video shoot.  This is a wonderful week for creative kids who love how dance is created! August 9-13th 2021.

STBDA Dance Company Pre-Season

Our Junior and Senior Company members can come together for a Pre-Season week.  We will work on flexibility, strength training, endurance and of course lots of new choreography.  The focus of the week will be on progressions and phrases in Jazz, Modern, Lyrical and Contemporary.  All Dance Company members are encouraged to attend, we will be bonding, working together and getting ready for the dance season ahead 🙂

1 week (August 16th-19th) (M-Th) 9:00am-1:00pm

Choreography and Improvisation Intensive

This new session will focus on using the tools you already possess as a dancer to create new movements and phrases.  We will explore improvisation techniques in various genres and work to create pieces for future performances.  This is an advanced opportunity to explore the creative side of dance and choreography.  Performance opportunities at upcoming STBDA shows are possible with participation in this program.

1 week (August 16th-19nd) (M-Th) 5:00pm-8:00pm

The Summer Dance Intensive is for dancers who want to keep dancing over the summer and are commited to their dance classes.  We will focus on all styles of dance, its a great time to try a new style as well!  Ages 9-14 can dance together and work towards an informal in studio performance on Friday.  July 26-30th 2021.

Summer Dance Registration Pricing

All Pre-Season, Intensives and Dance Workshops:  Sessions $350/week or $600 for 2 weeks.  Families may split weeks between children.

Choreography and Improvisation Intensive week is $250

Space is limited so please register early!