Competition Team

Our STBDA Competition team is made up of members from our 4 dance companies. Dancers may elect to become a competition team member and participate in one or more dance competitions each year. Some competitions will be accompanied by a dance convention which dancers must participate in as well. The focus of the competition team is perfecting a piece or 2 pieces of choreography to be adjudicated, dancers will be encouraged to do their best and practice at home each week. Competition schedule will be released in August and rehearsals begin in September on alternating Fridays.

2/2/18-2/4/18 Nuvo Dance Convention:  Similar to Tremaine* in setup but with a different cast of Master Instructors.  I have attended classes with many of the faculty and they are outstanding, I know the dancers will love them 🙂  Nuvo will take place the weekend of February 3-4, at the Sheraton Boston which if you decide to stay can be booked through the information in the previous link.  Please check out the Nuvo site for specifics and a better feel for the convention side, I know you will love it 🙂

The fee for the conventions weekend is $250 which is payable on your portal account on or by 11/15/2017.

3/16/18-3/18/18 Dance Xplosion Competition:  A traditional regional competition which will take place at Andover High School.  Schedule of times will be announced a week prior but dancers could perform anytime this weekend.  As I get information I will pass it along.

Fees for this competition are as follows:  Duos $65/dancer, Small Groups:  $40/dancer/dance.  Fees for this competition are payable on your portal account on or by 11/15/2017.

4/28/18:  Step Up 2 Dance competition:  Another great regional competition which will take place at Fitchburg Monty Tech Voc HS in Fitchburg MA.

OFFICIAL STBDA competition team jackets are available on our STBDA Online Store, please consider making this a Birthday/Holiday/Just Because gift for your dancer, the dancers all asked if we could get team jackets to help feel more like a united team 🙂

Rehearsal Schedule:

11/17/17:  7:30-8:15pm “Teen Group 1”, 8:15-9:00pm “Teen Group 2″

12/1/17:  7:30-8:15pm ” Teen Ballet”, 8:15-9:00pm “Senior Duo”

12/8/17:  7:30-8:15pm “Mini Group”, 8:15-9:00pm “Teen Group 1”

12/15/17:  7:30-8:15pm “Teen Ballet”,  8:15-9:00pm “Teen Group 2”

1/5/18:  7:30-8:15pm “Mini Group”,  8:15-9:00pm “Teen Group 1”

1/12/18:  7:30-8:15pm “Teen Ballet”, 8:15-9:00pm “Senior Duo”

1/19/18:  7:30-8:15pm “Teen Group 2”; 8:15pm-9:00pm “Senior Duo”

1/26/18:  7:30-8:15pm “Mini Group”; 8:15pm-9:00pm “Teen Group 1”

2/2/18: 7:30-8:15pm “Mini Group”; 8:15pm-9:00pm “Teen Ballet”

2/9/18:  7:30-8:15pm Teen Group 1″;  8:15-9:00pm “Teen Group 2″

2/16/18:  7:30-8:15pm ” Teen Group 1″, 8:15-9:00pm “Teen Ballet”

3/2/18: 7:30-8:15pm “Teen Group 1”, 8:15-9:00pm “Senior Duo”

3/9/18:  ALL TEAM DRESS REHEARSAL 7:30-9:00pm

3/16/18:  Possible Duo Competition, details TBD the week of 3/12/18.  If no Friday night competition ALL TEAM DRESS REHEARSAL 7:30-9:00pm “Mini Group”, “Teen Group 1” and “Teen Group 2”  Dress Rehearsal either way

3/23/18:  7:30-8:15pm “Teen Ballet”, 8:15-9:00pm “Teen Group 2”

3/30/18:  7:30-8:15pm “Teen Group 1”, 8:15-9:00pm “Senior Duo”

4/6/18:  7:30-8:15pm “Mini Group”, 8:15-9:00pm “Teen Group 2”

4/13/18: 7:30-8:15pm “Senior Duo”, 8:15-9:00pm “Teen Ballet”

4/27/18:   ALL TEAM DRESS REHEARSAL 7:30-9:00pm


Rehearsals are mandatory for all members of each group.

Senior Duo:  Daisy, Macie

Teen Ballet Group:  Daisy, Macie, Lottie, Evelyn, Kate, Alessandra, Anna

Teen Group 1:  Izzy G, Aurora, Anna, Alessandra

Teen Group 2:  Lottie, Evelyn, Kate, Izzy G, Aurora

Mini Group:  Izzie W, Izzy C, Reese, Hannah