Competition Team

Our STBDA Mini and Senior Competition teams are made up of members from our dance companies. Dancers may elect to become a competition team member and participate in two or more dance competitions each year. Some competitions will be accompanied by a dance convention which dancers must participate in as well. The focus of the competition team is perfecting a few pieces of choreography to be adjudicated, dancers will be encouraged to do their best and practice at home each week. Competition schedule will be released in the fall and rehearsals begin in September on alternating days for Senior Team and Fridays for Mini Team.

Competition Dates:

4/6-4/7 Whitman, MA Step Up 2 Dance 

4/27-4/28 W. Newbury, MA Dance to Inspire

Our 2023-2024 Senior competition team placement “audition” took place in September.  We selected dancers for the multiple pieces.  Please note, you may only compete in a style which you are taking in class each week at STBDA, i.e to be in a Tap piece, you must take a weekly Tap class. Please see the schedule below for castings and rehearsal schedules.

Group Routines

Comp Schedule December


Finlay- Lyrical w/Paige
Hannah- Contemporary w/Sam
Julian- Hip Hop w/Macie
Izzie- Musical Theater w/Kathleen
Izzie/Hannah- Hip Hop w/Macie
Izzie/Julian- Tap w/Paige

Assigned Time Slots
Mondays 4-4:45pm
Mondays 5:45-6:30
Wednesdays 8:30-9:15
Fridays 7:15-8:00

1/17 W Musical Theater group

1/19 F Izzie Solo

1/22 M Tap Group 5:45pm

1/22 M Julian Solo 8:30pm

1/24 W Lyrical group

1/29 M Tap Group 5:45pm

1/31 W Musical Theater Group

2/2 F Julian Solo

2/5 M Jazz Group 5:45pm

2/7 W Lyrical Group

2/12 M Tap Group 5:45pm

2/14 W Musical Theater Group

2/16 F Izzie Solo


*****These times are subject to change!! If there are any conflicts please let your choreographer know before your scheduled rehearsal.*****